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by Robin's Soaps and Scents.

 We have many Essential Oil Soaps. Hurry while supplies last, listed on my Special Deals page are some great soaps! Over 100 different Soaps to choose from, click on one of the pictures of categories on the left,  at the top of the next page, look at the keywords button, put in your favorite things you like in soap, have all categories showing and click the green go button.  All the soaps which have those items you listed will show up!  Have fun and let your imagination go WILD!  If you are a Lavender Lover,  we've got many combinations you'll love! On the Premium Soap Page, Click twice on the words Premium Soap in the left tool bar to see all the Premium Soaps listed!!!!  :)

To purchase my products at 10750 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon, 97220 or call 503-257-8880. We now have a new location in Tigard Oregon located at 6630 SW Bonita Road, Tigard Oregon, 97224 or call 503-747-6355.  Both locations are  inside the furniture store of, "OAK FURNITURE WAREHOUSE." Please email me on this sight for communications and any questions you may have, as not all my products are being carried in Oak Furniture Warehouse, so I can better assist you in your desire of products. When an order is placed via email on this sight, you can pick up your order and pay at Oak Furniture Warehouse. Visa/Master/Debit Cards, are accepted with a minimum of $5.00 purchase. Pay on line and product will be mailed to you directly. No Checks accepted!

Enjoy and thank you for your business and have a wonderful day, shower, or bath!

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Robin's Soaps & Scents  
Robin's Soaps and Scents
(Inside Oak Furniture Warehouse)
1.  10750 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97220
New Location in Tigard Oregon.
2.  6630 SW Bonita Rd.
Tigard, OR. 97224

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