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It all started with an idea.  I was not happy with the store bought soaps I was using.  They were harsh on my skin; I kept getting rashes and rough dry results from many brands I tried.  My sister introduced me to soap making and off I went making many different varieties of soaps and testing them on all of my family and friends. Every time I crocheted, and worked with yarn or fabrics, it gave me inspiration to create a new soap.  As I looked and read and studied about all the recipes, some over 100 years old, and mixing them with modern day recipes, I found some of the most unique essential and fragrance oils that have created Robin's Soaps and Scents. 

Living in the Northwest, I have raised nine children and fourteen grand children.  They all have felt a vast difference when using my soaps. Many have asked me to make more creations and many beg for more.  My husband was so excited about what I am doing that he has set up all the equipment I need in one room so I can focus on my production & creation of new products.  I hope you try my soaps and enjoy them as I have. 

I now have a new location to sell my products to the public at 10750 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, Oregon, 97220. This is inside the furniture store:

"OAK FURNITURE WAREHOUSE." Please email me on this sight for communications and any questions you may have, as not all my products are being carried in Oak Furniture Warehouse, so I can better assist you in your desire of products. When an order is placed via email on this sight, you can pick up your order and pay at Oak Furniture Warehouse. Visa/MasterCard, are accepted with a minimum of $5.00 purchase. No Checks accepted! Or have your purchased product via my web sight mailed directly to you.

Thank you,
"Don't Worry, Make Soap," is my motto! :)

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Robin's Soaps & Scents

Robin's Soaps and Scents
(Inside Oak Furniture Warehouse)
10750 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, Oregon 97220

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