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Joy wrote on June 2, 2013:

In my opinion, Robin’s soaps are simply divine especially when one is taking a bath. Soaps that contain lavender are my favorite. The scent wakes up your senses but is not overwhelming. All soaps are gentle but they leave you feeling clean and refreshed. They strip off the dirt but leave your natural oils. After a bath there never seems to be the film that artificial soaps tend to leave.
Robin’s Soaps and Scents make great gifts especially for someone that is hard to shop for. These products don’t disappoint and the variety makes it easy to find the right product for each person.


Joy wrote on May 13, 2011:
Love Robin's soaps. Recently bought a few bars of soap for my daughter's birthday and ended up keeping a couple for myself because I couldn't resist the wonderful smells. My absolute favorite is #48, Looped Swirl Lavender Oatmeal. Even after rinsing off the soap, I continued to smell the fragrance throughout the day. Highly recommend the product.


Doug wrote on January 18, 2011:
Many of my family members have sensitivity to soaps. We have dry and sensitive skin. Robin's soaps do not irritate or dry out our skin. They leave our skin feeling clean and not irritated! We highly recommend Robin's Soaps to anyone.


Kurt wrote on May 17, 2011:
The soap does double duty..... it gets you clean without drying your skin and when you're not using the soap it leaves a nice fresh scent in the air.

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